Rabbi Shoshanah Conover

Rabbi Shoshanah Conover is associate rabbi at Temple Sholom of Chicago.

What Would You Hold Onto – At Any Price?

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Dr. Edwin C. Goldberg

November 2, 2015
The show, Pawn Stars, is a runaway hit on the History Channel. It tells the story of three generations of the Harrison family and their Las Vegas pawnshop. There's Richard, the patriarch (affectionately known as the "old man"); Rick, the son (who really runs the business); and Rick's adult son...

Choosing to Be Chosen

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi David Segal

October 6, 2014
Once, I was invited to address a local middle school class as they began a unit on the history of world religions. The teacher asked me to summarize Judaism in about 10 minutes. At least I had more time than Hillel when he explained the Torah "on one foot."1 But...