Rabbi Toby Manewith

Rabbi Toby H. Manewith (she/her) serves as the Program Manager for the ADL/URJ Partnership. Before coming to the URJ in 2022, she was a consultant in Jewish Education an educator and a pulpit rabbi. Manewith lives in Chicago, is a lifelong Cubs fan and makes excellent triple chocolate gluten-free brownies.

Staying Connected with Our Loved Ones Even When we Disagree 

Rabbi Toby Manewith
Rachel Margolis, RJE
November 15, 2023
Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel on October 7th and Israel’s ongoing response has stirred emotions both within and outside the Jewish community. Over the next weeks, as family and friends gather for holiday celebrations, there may be differences of opinion. Here are a few tips from Jewish sources to help maintain loving relationships while disagreeing.