Rabbi Vicki Tuckman, z"l

Rabbi Vicki Tuckman, z”l, served as the rabbi and director of Jewish life at URJ Camp Harlam, a Reform Jewish summer camp in Kunkletown, PA, and as the spiritual leader of Temple Micah in Lawrenceville, N.J. She passed away in April 2015.


Rosh Chodesh: A Monthly Ritual

Rabbi Vicki Tuckman, z"l

I started a new congregational position this year. The job, which is part-time, is at a wonderful congregation that meets in a 315-year old Presbyterian church. Since my working hours are limited, I am focused on making the most of my time there.

Vashti: Finding a Feisty Feminist in our Purim Story

Rabbi Vicki Tuckman, z"l

A few years ago, I found myself in a bit of a Purim predicament specifically pertaining to the “to tell or not to tell” dilemma regarding Vashti, one of the oft forgotten players in our Purim tale.

Eco-Kosher's Biblical Roots

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Melanie Aron

For almost twenty-five years, since his article, "Toward an Ethical Kashrut," was published with Rebecca Alpert in the journal Reconstructionist in the spring of 1987, 1 Rabbi Arthur Waskow has been talking about standards of kashrut that extend beyond the traditional ritual requirements.