Rabbi Yael Splansky

Rabbi Yael Splansky (Deuteronomy) is the senior rabbi of Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto. She is the editor of Siddur Pirchei Kodesh,a former chair of the Reform Rabbis of Greater Toronto, and a fourth-generation Reform rabbi. 

Rearranging the Golden Calf

D'Var Torah By: David S. Lieb

March 3, 2015
A case can be made that the second half of the Book of Exodus is out of order, especially the incident of the golden calf in this week's parashah, Ki Tisa.

V’zot HaBrachah

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Yael Splansky

October 18, 2012
No matter how I might dream of trekking the beautiful, wide-open spaces of the Canadian wilderness-truth be told, I avoid tents, cold water, and bad weather whenever possible.

A World of Words

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Yael Splansky

October 3, 2012
Back at the Burning Bush, God commands Moses to return to Egypt, to go before Pharaoh and deliver God's message: "Let us go...to sacrifice to the Eternal our God" (Exodus 3:18).

Jewish Guilt

D'Var Torah By: Rabbi Yael Splansky

October 3, 2012
As he prepares for death, Moses lays a major guilt trip on the people."Well I know how defiant and stiff-necked you are: even now, while I am still alive in your midst, you have been defiant toward the Eternal; how much more, then, when I am dead!