Revital Belz

Revital Belz, from Elad, Israel, studied public relations at Bar Ilan University while working as copywriter for As a mother of five boys, she also enjoys creating stylish items for men, including personalized kippot and T-shirts. She blogs at the aJudaica blog.

Tzizit: A Sign of Jewish Pride

Revital Belz
May 20, 2014

“You shall put fringes on the corners of your garments” -Numbers 15:37

My first time I can remember being in Israel was for my brother’s bar mitzvah when I was 9.

Five Fun Facts About Passover

Revital Belz
April 9, 2014

We all know about Passover, that holiday when we Jews whip out our flat, cracker-like matzah, talk about the massive exodus from Egypt, and drink a whole lot of Manischewitz wine.

My Best Homemade Purim Costume

Revital Belz
March 12, 2014

Growing up, my mother was always very clear with my siblings and me that we should not waste money. It makes sense, then, she did not like to shower us with material goods. Each year on Purim, she made it clear that we could dress up as whatever we wanted, so.