Richard A. Block

Rabbi Richard A. Block is a senior rabbi of The Temple – Tifereth Israel in Cleveland, OH. He is a vice president of the Central Conference of American Rabbis and the Vice-Chair of the Reform Pension Board. 

Passion and Fanaticism

D'Var Torah By: Richard A. Block

This Shabbat's Torah portion, Parashat Pinchas, begins by referring to an event that occurred at the end of the prior one, when Pinchas, Aaron's grandson, killed Zimri, a scion of the Simeonite ancestral house, and Cozbi, daughter of a Midianite chieftain.

Death, Thou Shalt Die

D'Var Torah By: Richard A. Block

The end of the wilderness sojourn of the wandering Israelites approaches as the Book of Numbers reaches its conclusion. In Parashat Mas-ei, the Torah looks backward and ahead. Summarizing forty years of marches and encampments since the Exodus from Egypt requires almost a full chapter.

Vows that Restrict: Vows that Protect

D'Var Torah By: Richard A. Block

As Numbers approaches its conclusion, Parashat Matot takes up the subject of "vows" that men or women may make and "obligations" they may assume.

Fateful Words Can Have Fatal Consequences

D'Var Torah By: Richard A. Block

The Jewish people's turbulent saga of disillusionment with liberation takes a new and momentarily promising turn this Shabbat, with a foray into the land of Canaan by twelve scouts.