Sharon Mann

Sharon Mann made aliyah in 1992 and lives in Nahariya, Israel. She is an active member of Kehillat Emet VeShalom, where she is on the Women of Reform Judaism Steering Committee and volunteers as International Contact Liaison.

I'm Still Thinking About the Day I Chanted Torah at the Kotel

Sharon Mann
March 8, 2017

My mixed impressions about Rosh Chodesh Adar will still take some time to settle, but I feel enriched and empowered knowing that each small step is meaningful in the ongoing struggle for all Jews to feel welcome and respected at that holy space.  

How Honoring My Mother's Memory Keeps Her Spirit Alive

Sharon Mann
August 1, 2016

I think of my mother, Ann (Chana) of blessed memory, every day. As the yahrzeit (anniversary) of her death approaches, however, more and more, my thoughts focus on her. This year will mark 22 years since she passed away and I feel the need to honor her memory in a special manner that will be meaningful to me.

At this point in my life, I am over the initial loss. Nevertheless, certain things such as learning Torah or performing mitzvot (commandments) in her memory not only comfort and strengthen me, they also keep her spirit alive for me in a tangible way.

The Israel/Syria Story No One is Talking About

Sharon Mann
February 2, 2016

This story of Israel’s diversity, coexistence and humanitarian aid as evidenced by the Galillee Medical Center community moves me, and especially now, I feel it is important to share it with others.