To the God of Creation: A Prayer During Wildfires

The earth shakes to the very foundations,
fire and water

Creator of the universe,
whose name is love and compassion
and whose essence is wisdom, divinity, purpose.

We cry in anguish.
We are submerged in doubt and fear.
Help us to hold the suffering of the world
and offer a compassionate hand.

God of mercy,
be gentle with our pain and doubt.

Help us
as we struggle with confusion and loss.
Darkness, Cold. Fear. Hunger. Thirst.
Protect us.

Creator of the universe,
we offer gratitude
for the blessings, for survival,
for the graciousness of strangers,
and for heroic acts that abound.

Grant us strength, resilience, fortitude,

This prayer is reprinted with permission from Amen: Seeking Presence with Prayer, Poetry, and Mindfulness Practice (CCAR Press, December 2019).