M’kor Sefirah, Source of Counting

We count the Omer every night
this is one
this is two
days until we receive Torah...

We count the Omer
every night
this is three
this is four
days until we finally get to Sinai...

We count the Omer
every night
this is five
this is six
days until revelation...

What will the Torah at Sinai reveal to us this time?
Who will stand with us at the foot of the mountain?
Who will join us as we journey to the Promised Land?

M’kor Sefirah -
O source of counting...
as we count the Omer
every night
shelter us,
protect us,
bless your children Israel
with the courage to stand and journey and receive
and grow and build
a land of Israel worthy of your revelation. 


Originally posted at Peace Will Come: A Year of Praying for Israel