A Prayer for After Elections

There was that moment at the Red Sea when our people despaired like never before. Looking behind, the people saw an enemy coming for them. Looking ahead, the waters seemed ready to swallow them up. 

To stand still was not an option. 

We pray,

Eloheinu veilohei avoteinu v'imoteinu,

Our God and God of our fathers and mothers,

When our nation is divided

When our people are afraid

When our children are confused

When we ourselves are unsure about how to move forward. 

Grant us,

Like Nachshon, the courage to face our fears and walk forward into the unknown. 

Like Miriam, the insight to find the hidden waters in the wilderness to quench our thirst.

Like King Solomon, the wisdom to decide wisely as we face difficult questions in the days and months ahead. 

Like the prophet Nathan, the faith to speak truth to power, demanding as he did from King David, truth and justice, compassion and kindness. 

And may we lie down in peace and rise up each tomorrow refreshed and renewed, prepared to work toward blessing for all.