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Womens March protesters carrying a sign for the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

On January 21, millions of women and supporters around the globe turned out to demonstrate peacefully for human rights and against hate. But how do we turn a moment into a movement?

Rabbi Ruth Adar
US Supreme Court building on a sunny day

Sunday marked 44 years since the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade on January 22, 1973, recognizing that the constitutional rights to privacy and liberty protect a woman’s right to choose whether to have an abortion.

Maya Weinstein
Stately building at Stanford University

College should be a safe space of learning and growing, not a place for persistent predatory behavior. Colleges do too little to prevent assaults from happening or to support the victims after a crime occurs.

Taylor Onderko
Martin Luther King, Jr. monument in Washington, D.C.

How can we pursue acts of justice that help fulfill our vision of a world in which every person experiences wholeness, justice, and compassion?

Jacob Kraus

On December 8, the National Center for Transgender Equality released the findings from the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey (USTS), the largest survey to ever be conducted on the lives and experiences of transgender Americans.

Max Antman
Globe with a Band-aid across the United States

Following the deeply polarizing 2016 election, the need for tikkun olam, world repair, is enormous. Here are six ways you can take action now.

Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner

Laws that impede or prevent eligible Americans fundamental right to vote do not reflect the values that make our nation a beacon to the world.

Barbara Weinstein
Assortment of raw vegetables, including red and yellow pepper, lettuce, etc.

Two weeks ago, I hung out with President Bill Clinton and some of his staff members when he and his entourage made a campaign visit to Philadelphia. It was an incredible experience and a reminder that our political leaders are human – and as such, there’s much we can learn from them.

Alexa Broida
Matzah, including crumbs and broken pieces

When you break the bread of affliction
And the crumbs make a mess
Pray for those with addiction
And those who live with less.

Rabbi Michael Adam Latz
Seder plate that includes all the traditional elements

With its focus on freedom, Passover is a perfect time to incorporate modern-day social justice issues into the retelling of our people’s journey from slavery to freedom. This round-up of holiday resources – including haggadot, themed inserts, an inclusion guide, and more – will help ensure a terrific and meaningful seder for everyone around your table.

Jane E. Herman


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