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The author working with refugee children in Israel

Every June, we mark World Refugee Day. Today refugees are a part of the global conversation and the human experience in almost every country in the world.

Julie Fisher
A snapshot of two laughing men one Haredi Jewish with a long beard and the other with close cropped brown hair

My first Yiddish lesson in Israel did not go well - but an unlikely friendship with Yisroel, a Haredi restaurateur, saved the day.

Matt Adler

By law, all Israelis over 16 years old are required to carry their ID card around, anytime, anywhere. The card is smaller than a passport.

Anat Hoffman

Going into summer 2013, I knew that it would be my last summer at URJ Camp George, a Reform Jewish summer camp in Ontario, Canada - at least for a littl

Leor Mann

One of the great paradoxes of being an American Reform Jew who chose to make aliyah (move to Israel) is that the whole concept of majority and minority is turned on its head.

Cantor Evan Cohen

Every family has its stories. They're the ones told so many times that you know all the details even if you weren't actually there. This is one of mine.

Caryn Roman

Last week, Israel welcomed 338 new citizens who arrived on a charter flight from New York City.

Anat Hoffman

My husband introduced me to techina (tahini), a staple found in most Israeli kitchens, as soon as we made aliyah in October 1992.

Sharon Mann

I realize now that when I grew up, even though I acted like I was on autopilot, cruising through the days of my life, I was truly like a sponge absorbing the example that my mother, of blessed memo

Sharon Mann

As I hiked along the trail, I was amazed by the silence. There is something quietly powerful about walking in the steps of others. Who were these people? Where are they now? Are they happy?

Leanna Cossman


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