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Hand spray painting graffiti onto a cement wall

The front-page headline – “Swastika graffiti stirs fears” – signaled that the wave of post-election hatred and intimidation had reached our small Connecticut town, one of the safest towns in America.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer

The end is near. When we wake up on November 9th, it will be over. And what happens then? We get up and go to work.

Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner

We saw a swastika in the sand. “Daddy, are you OK?” my daughter asked, knowing how my family history as a child of a Holocaust survivor affects me. 

Jonathan A. Theodore

I have always believed that here in the United States, anti-Semitism couldn’t possibly be as entrenched as in other parts of the world. In 35 years of life, I had never directly encountered anti-Semitism – until last week.

Wes Hopper

Members of the alt-right, a politically conservative movement where white nationalists and anti-Semites have found a virtual home, developed a symbol to target Jews online.

Jacob Kraus

This is the beginning not only of changing perceptions of Jews in Indonesia, but also of simultaneously working toward a greater acceptance of Islam in America. This task – of advocating for those who are discriminated against on the basis of religious identity, in the hopes that we may live and learn together – is no more important and timely than today.

Max Bevilacqua

I was born in 1961, baptized, confirmed and given First Communion. But when I was 9, my father began telling me bedtime stories about his narrow escape from the Nazis in Vienna, his entire family murdered – how my maternal grandmother was assassinated in my mother’s childhood home in Bremen, Germany, on Kristallnacht and how, by a miracle, my mother survived.

Frannie Sheridan

I’m Jewish. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody who knows me, but sometimes I feel the need to say it. After all, my last name is Scottish, and so people might be fooled.

Rachel L. MacAulay

During my four months studying in Italy in the fall of 2007, you could say I had more than my fair share of strange Jewish experiences.

Ben Sales (JTA)

I wrote a paper for graduate school in 2009 titled “The United Nations: A Bastion of Anti-Semitism,” which described, in some detail, instances of anti-Semitism perpetrated by the United Nations ag

Jane E. Herman


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