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Editor's note: The text that follows was presented before a live audience at the 2019 Union for Reform Judaism Biennial.

Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner
Isaac Herzog standing at a podium addressing the URJ Biennial

Reform Judaism is becoming a major pillar of world Jewry – and as such, we should analyze the major challenges of the Jewish people today.

Isaac Herzog
Group of people holding candles in a darkened room as if at a service

My prayer is that affirmation of their Jewish identity will be rooted not in Jew as object (what is done to Jews) but in Jew as subject (what Jews do).

Deborah Lipstadt
Evan Traylor standing at a podium addressing the URJ Biennial
Photo credit: Rob Dicker/Union for Reform Judaism

Hope can be too hard to find - but really, those moments are exactly when we need hope the most. As I reflect upon my life, I am struck by this idea of hope, and how it serves as the underpinning of my entire family’s history.

Evan Traylor
Rabbi Rick Jacobs on stage at the URJ Biennial

Did you ever wonder what happened to the 10 Lost Tribes of ancient Israel? In 721 B.C.E., they disappeared. Poof. Gone. Imagine if we could find them today? Our Jewish community could increase to as many as 85 million worldwide. 

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Rabbi Dan Moskovitz with worshippers

Learn from Rabbi Dan Moskovitz about his life’s journey and how his experiences are expressed in his High Holiday Day sermons and Ten Minutes of Torah commentaries.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Isaac Herzog standing in front of a row of Israeli flags against a blue sky

“To lead The Jewish Agency is an enormous responsibility,” says Isaac Herzog, “but one that I grabbed with both hands.”

Jo-Ann Mort
The author thanking one of the many people responsible for his morning coffee

We sat down with bestselling author, editor, and commentator A.J. Jacobs to talk about lessons he’s learned about thankfulness from his over-the-top social experiments.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Rich Cohen and Rolling Stones band member Ron Wood

Rich Cohen, a prolific writer, is the author of 13 books, a contributing editor at Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone, and co-wrote the television series, “Vinyl.”

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Chicago skyline

When the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) convenes its 2019 Biennial this December in Chicago, it will shine the spotlight on a city with a rich Jewish heritage. 

Rabbi A. James Rudin


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