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LGBT rainbow flag blowing against a blue sky

The Reform Jewish community has welcomed, embraced and fought for LGBTQ people and continues to do so even now as transgender individuals are under attack by our government.

Rabbi Denise L. Eger
Jewish book titles sitting on a wood table with a mug atop the pile and a succulent next to it

Want to expand your personal Jewish library? You’ve come to the right place. This year, CCAR Press will release 11 new titles, spanning topics from liberal Zionism to civic engagement.

Rabbi Hara Person
Closeup of the white flowers on a tree with blurry images of a graveyard in the distance behind it

I feel that it is time that we, as rabbis and as a Jewish community, begin to speak more about the environmental advantages of a traditional Jewish burial.

Fred Guttman
Closeup of a hand holding a Haggadah and a glass of wine as at a Passover seder

Looking for a new Haggadah for this year’s Passover seder? Whether you’re interested in making your Passover celebrations a little more political or a little more magical, we’ve got you covered.

Marissa Solomon

Thanks to the Central Conference of American Rabbis, an English translation of each week’s Torah portion is now available on Here are five ways to use this important resource.

Audrey Merwin

My love and reverence for my father grew stronger, paradoxically, the more I departed from the details of his teachings. Why? Because it was my father, a learned Orthodox Jew, who set me out on the path of inquiry.

Rabbi Simeon J. Maslin
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