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Church State Separation

Last Wednesday, the Washington Post

Sarah Greenberg

Have you seen the Ten Commandments lately? Not the 1956 Cecil B. DeMille blockbuster, but the Decalogue: the biblical guidelines Moses brought down from Mt.

Barbara Weinstein

Rabbi David Saperstein spoke this morning alongside religious leaders from across the country urging Congress: “Don’t push the po

Raechel Banks
The U.S. Supreme Court ordered an appellate court to hear a lawsuit brought by Liberty University in Virginia against the Obama administration on the constitutionality of healthcare reform. Only this time, the constitutional provisions at hand has nothing to do with the individual mandate, which was at the heart of the constitutional scuffle last time.
Zachary Rosenberg

We read about labor in this week’s parsha in more than one way. In the short span of Vayetze, a total of twelve children come into the world.

Raechel Banks

When we stepped into the election booths on Tuesday (or mailed in our ballots anti-climactically two weeks ago), we were finally alone—there was blissful silence from the seemingly never-ending cam

Amendment 8, which will appear on the ballot in November, would eliminate the Florida Constitution’s No-Aid Provision (sometimes called the Blaine Amendment), which prevents public funds from being

Welcome, CSA members!

This past Sunday over 1400 pastors across the country joined “Pulpit Freedom Sunday,” consciously and overtly challenging

Rabbi David Saperstein spoke yesterday at the Washington Times 30th anniversary symposium titled “Symposium on Values and Consequences,” whe


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