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I attended a small college in upstate New York, about five hours from my home, and I did not go home for Rosh HaShanah my fr

Lois Rubin

Nothing is more intimidating than leaving your comfort zone, facing a mix of new people, routines, and cultures – especially when you're doing it alone.

Alexandra Gilbert

For the last decade of our lives, summertime has been spent away from home, away from screens, away from parents.

Samantha Sheppe and Scott Greenberg

There’s an unavoidable irony inherent in tabling on a college campus for the National Day of Unplugging: namely, the majority of students who ignore me as they pass me by with headphones in

Rabbi Brandon Bernstein

Five years ago – amidst AP classes, piano lessons, soccer games, and responsibilities as my temple’s youth group president – I began the college search process.

Liza Moskowitz

It was only the second week of school at Ohio University when an incident left many of our campus’s Jewish students and Israel supporters – myself included – feeling alienated and appalled by the a

Rhys Ivan

What do you believe is the most essential takeaway from a college education?

Joy Weinberg

College students nationwide are uniting in the fight to prevent and penalize sexual attackers on their campuses.

Rebecca Fisher

You’ve made it out of high school. You’re on your own at college, a new and magical place. You’re surrounded by completely new people and the world is at your fingertips. What’s the first thing you should do?

Sammy Chavin

When I graduated college, I really wasn't ready for what would come next.

Steven Chaitman


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