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congregational life

My confirmation at Temple Emanu-El did not happen in the usual manner.

Lee Robbins

My son, Noah, is a precocious young teen who - as is common among precocious young teens - ardently resists nearly everything I say.

Rachel Silber

Like many couples, my Jewish wife and I got married without much discussion about religion. It was the birth of our daughter that raised the question. My wife asked if we could raise her Jewish.

Robert Ingrum

A rabbi whose insight I value greatly shared the following story with me.

Kathy Kahn

I was recently asked by someone I very much respect to address "the" question. So I started to write the answer in a post... about five times without any luck.

Donnie C Cutler

by Marc Rosenstein
(Originally published in Galilee Diary and Ten Minutes of Torah)

My fiancée and I recently joined a congregation about a block from our home.

Donald Cohen Cutler

My congregation, established in 1956, is only a few months older than I am.

Marge Eiseman


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