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congregational life

I wore a button-down, tea-length peach dress with shoulder pads. My mother convinced me that it looked elegant, and that the matching peach tights really completed my look.

Cantor Aviva Marer

We were still wiping the tears of laughter from our eyes from the annual women’s retreat skit that had brought the house down just minutes before.

Julie Bressler

About a month ago, I walked along a street in Memphis with 11 teens from my congregation, a chaperone and our educator, Brad Cohen.

Rabbi Elissa Sachs-Kohen

Twenty-five years ago, I interviewed six rabbinic students at the New York campus of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion "to find out what's on the

Aron Hirt-Manheimer

Last Wednesday, the Washington Post

Sarah Greenberg

Today's North American Reform synagogues have increasingly begun to rethink and attempt to reinvigorate the contemporary practice of ba

Rabbi Lance J. Sussman

When someone asked a friend of mine what his daughter enjoys most about living in Israel, he explained that she loves the way the country’s secular rhythms synch seamlessly with religious time in a

Jane E. Herman

We worked until almost midnight that Thursday, the 30 of us, all middle-aged softball players, arranging tables and chairs for the funeral of a man we didn’t know terribly well.

Michael Sinert

At Touro Synagogue in New Orleans, the open tent imagery from the biblical narrative of Abraham strongly influences our approach to sacr

Melissa Garber

The events of my son’s bar mitzvah day don't begin to tell the story of how Max arrived at that moment.

Dean Asofsky


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