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congregational life

We worked until almost midnight that Thursday, the 30 of us, all middle-aged softball players, arranging tables and chairs for the funeral of a man we didn’t know terribly well.

Michael Sinert

At Touro Synagogue in New Orleans, the open tent imagery from the biblical narrative of Abraham strongly influences our approach to sacr

Melissa Garber

The events of my son’s bar mitzvah day don't begin to tell the story of how Max arrived at that moment.

Dean Asofsky

Doing the right thing paid off at the bottom line. How often can you say that about doing a mitzvah?

Rabbi David Freelund

More than just a conversion requirement, Len Gesinksi found Introduction to Judaism to be inspirational, and believes it was instrumental in shaping his and his wife's journeys toward Judaism.

Len Gesinski

Growing up the child of a Jew-by-choice, everything about Judaism was a choice for us. For my mother, Judaism was a gift. She felt very proud to count herself among the Jewish people.

Anna Marx

October 24th is Food Day, a nationwide celebration of the movement for sustainable, healthy, affordable food.

Liya Rechtman

My mother-in-law, Bette Jo, has been an active member of her synagogue for years, and some of her closest friends are those she met participating in her temple sisterhood.

Jennifer Stempel

Merriam-Webster defines “diaspora” as “a group of people who live outside the area in which they had lived for a long time or in which their ancestors lived.” Because I am Jewish yet living outside

Kerry Leaf

Guila remembers holding the prayer book for her father, who had cerebral palsy, every Yom Kippur. "What many might imagine to have been a dreary religious obligation was, for me, a highly emotional, touching experience."

Guila Franklin Siegel


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