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Houston Rabbi Oren Hayon eating a deli sandwich sent from Stephen Wise Temple in Los Angeles after the Houston Astros won the World Series

What do good deli, Talmudic teachings, tzedakah, and the 2017 World Series have in common? For a pair of Reform rabbis, plenty!

Jason Plotkin
A circle of people with linked arms on the bima of a synagogue

After a spree of white supremacist violence in Sacramento in 1999, collaboration, solidarity, and hope followed. I’ve carried this lesson with me for 18 years.

Sofi Hersher
Wooden welome sign hanging from a rope string

We want you to come to High Holiday services, but we want you to come back, too -- when it’s less crowded and when we can welcome you and show you what we’re all about.

Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal
Mans hands using a Mac laptop while sitting on a couch

Watch live this Shabbat as rabbis, cantors, and Jewish leaders across North America speak about and reflect upon the events in Charlottesville and their aftermath.

Jane E. Herman
Rabbi Steven Lowenstein with Maccabiah athlete and two other people

Israel is in my bones, and has been since my first trip there in 1978. Last month, when seven members of my congregation participated in the Maccabiah Games, I had to go.

Rabbi Steven Stark Lowenstein
woman holding small child wearing a yarmulke in her lap during worship services

Whether you’re a member or a visitor, familiarity with synagogue etiquette will help you get the most from your experience. Here are seven points of etiquette to keep in mind.

Rabbi Denise L. Eger
Young girl learning to shake the lulav

There aren’t many people out there willing to uproot their entire lives to relocate to Dothan, Alabama. Read what prompted one family to do just that.

Stephanie Butler

When my congregation publicized its four-day camping and canoe trip in Michigan, how could we resist such an unusual temple offering?

Kerry Leaf

For despite what technology might sometimes make us think, a rabbi simply cannot be replaced by an iPhone that can sing prayers, search the Talmud, and provide pastoral care.

Rabbi Michael E. Harvey

In the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel, the descendants of Noah come together to build a tower that would stretch so high it would reach God in the heavens.

Brian Seidman
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