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Knitted rainbow kippah resting on a rainbow flag

I am queer.

J Collins
Closeup of a man typing on a laptop

You probably knew back then that I wasn’t close to being ready to fully accept Judaism, but by taking the time to talk to me, you acknowledged the idea that one day I could be.

Chris Harrison
Hiker standing at the top of a mountain facing a sunset

Eventually, I felt as if The Holy Blessed One had nudged me out of my rest, telling me that I’d stayed there long enough: that my destiny as a Jew awaited me.

Chris Harrison
Modern style silver Jewish star on a chain with dark blue/black background

When I look into my soul – that of a proud black Jewish woman – and I realize the journey I have taken with my beautiful multiracial Jewish family, I am humbled.

Gina Drangel
Linda North and her husband, Bruce, with Rabbi Norman Mendel during her conversion ceremony

Last fall’s tragedy in Pittsburgh finally prompted Linda North, now known as Ruth bat Avraham v’Sarah, to set a date for her conversion to Judaism.

Heather Mendel
Selective focus with a colorful box of crayons in the foreground and a small child coloring in the background

As someone who is half-Filipino and half-Hispanic and grew up in a diverse Dallas, TX, neighborhood, I never gave much thought to the politics of skin color and how that affected me – at least not

Anjelica Ruiz
Hand lighting Shabbat candles in silver candleholders next to a challah

Malachi’s parents regale me with what they most enjoy about being Jews: the gift of Shabbat, the beauty of interweaving music, study, and prayer, and the devotion to God through devotion to others.

Chris Harrison
Woman wearing a blanket and working on a laptop computer while sitting on a couch

My fascination with the story of the Jewish people and my partner’s strong connection to her Jewish identity motivated me to take an online Introduction to Judaism class.

Tristan Hearn
Line drawing of some of the characters from the Avengers movie

The film got me thinking about how Judaism has affected my own “story arc,” particularly my own sense of worthiness - and the story of Thor, the Norse god of thunder, taught me what it means to be truly “worthy.”

Chris Harrison
Cyclist Kimberly Burnham and a friend stand over a row of bicycles

I cannot possibly imagine that I will think often and fondly of this day in Missoula: the day that, borrowing on Rabbi Laurie's strength and wisdom, I carried the Torah and tried to make the world just a little bit better.

Kimberly Burnham


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