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Sign hanging in a window reading Welcome We Are Open

An experience shortly after the URJ Biennial demonstrated how truly large, inviting, and welcoming is our Reform Jewish tent.

Alden Solovy
Older man holding preschool-age boy on his lap. Both appear happy.

For the first time in history, we knew in advance that the winner of the 2016 presidential election would have a Jewish son-in-law – Marc Mezvinsky or Jared Kushner.

Jonathan D. Sarna
Closeup of a budding pine cone in a pine tree dusted with snow

My husband, along with millions and billions of other people, doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but I never thought my children wouldn’t celebrate it.

Susan Brownstein
Three men in bathing suits sitting on a large chair on the beach that reads TEL AVIV LOVES ME

Five years ago, H. Alan Scott emerged from the mikveh waters. Soon, he'll be celebrating another milestone: throwing himself a bar mitzvah.

Derek Kwait (JTA)
View of coastal Netanya Israel with both industrial buildings and lush beaches in view

This is liberal Judaism on the edge: Flinging doors open wide to those who would otherwise be left behind. The community is a voice of Judaism that is open to all who seek it.

Rabbi Neal Gold
red knit kippah lying atop a blue and white fringed prayer shawl

I sometimes feel insecure as a Reform convert – but the important thing is that there is space in Judaism for uncertainty. I'm not required to know what I believe, only how I should behave.

Sacha Mankins
Closeup of a lace chuppah with a Star of David beneath it

Conversion was not an instantaneous event, but a journey that began years before, when I first began to wonder why we fast on Yom Kippur - and it was one that would continue long after I emerged from the mikveh.

Susan Brownstein
Two men in synagogue balcony, one in tallit and phylacteries

Filmmaker Alex Holder’s “Keep Quiet” artfully documents Csanad Szedgedi’s struggle to come to terms with “the worst thing that could ever have happened to me.”

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Hands holding up speech bubble signs against a light pink background

When people hear my accent, some treat me with the patronizing friendliness they might apply toward people they don’t take seriously. One person even said, “Get out of here.”

Julia Knobloch
Couple holding hands with no faces visible

Although you might think that Lisa, my Jewish-by-birth partner, asked me to take a URJ the Introduction to Judaism course with her, quite the contrary is true: I asked her.

Alex Lussenhop


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