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Shoes standing on either side of a red line as if divided or separated

Trying to endure loss in isolation is more than painful; it puts our lives at risk. Rambam understood that when he described the consequences of not being connecting to Am Yisrael at times of trauma, including our fast days. 

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Man in a kippah with his back to the camera and his hand on the Western Wall

My search for “silver linings” in no way minimizes the toll in suffering, pain, loss, and inconvenience the pandemic is exacting from our lives; I fervently pray it will end soon. Still, I believe that the secret to Jewish survival despite all the hardships and tragedy history has imposed on us is our ability to cling to the hope that things will get better.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Person dressed up at home while lighting Shabbat candles in a living room setting

Friday’s sunset could be no different than Thursday’s, a time marker notching off another day or another week, but Shabbat requires us to mark a more substantial difference,  Regularity is key to keep track of our lives between other Jewish times and when days blur into each other.

Michele Braun
Older woman staring out a window while wearing a face mask

We've learned to procure the basics and meet many of our needs in new ways; with digital technology, we have found substitutes that have enabled us to learn and socialize virtually. Yet the Torah reminds us that individualism and isolation are not the ideal state of being.

Rabbi Wendy Pein
Cantor Laura Stein and Rabbi Sandy Bogin lead Shabbat worship services behind a loudspeaker
Cantor Laura Stein and Rabbi Sandy Bogin lead Shabbat worship services behind the loudspeaker

Even as structure and routine begin to crumble, ritual observances don’t stop for the virus. As did many generations of Jews before us, we must adapt ritual to this unprecedented way of life, and Shabbat services, a mainstay for nursing home residents, necessitated creative adaptation.

Cantor Laura Stein, LMSW
Blue and silver stethoscope

The urgency of this moment is clear. Launching the We Are Done Dying Campaign in early May, the NAACP declared, “The health and safety of our people are at an unparalleled risk.”

Jacob Greenblatt
Multi-racial family gathered enthusiastically around a computer
RJ on the GO

Union for Reform Judaism has rolled out RJ on the Go, an interactive platform for families seeking Jewish meaning, purpose, and joy this summer.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Rev William J Barber II speaks to Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner and Rabbi Rick Jacobs in front of a Union for Reform Judaism banner

Racism is a form of idolatry, of self-worship that is immoral and is fundamentally against humanity and democracy. What we do in the Poor People's Campaign is to help people make the connection between interlocking injustices that threaten everybody’s security.

Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner
top of a red alarm clock against a blue background

And at this moment, in the midst of the pandemic, we are witnessing a time of reckoning for the racial divide that has torn our society apart for so long. What does it mean to bring a baby into a world in desperate need of r’fuah sh’leimah, the full healing of body, heart, and soul?

Margie Bogdanow
Three children using a flashlight to read a book inside a dark pillow fort

My boys are making forts using all the pillows in the house. They strong-armed my husband into setting up our camping tent outside, and they sit there as the day grows hot.

Monica Steiner


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