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Jewish students sitting on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC by candlelight

I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between their protest and our Havdalah services – and the deep differences those parallels represent.

Kate Bigam
Paper stick figures holding hands around a lit candle

After the nation moves on, we will be left to pick up the pieces. Fortunately, this is a very strong and capable Jewish community, blessed to be led by incredible rabbis.

Alan Zimmerman
Protesters hold shields and Confederate flags at an alt right rally in Charlottesville Virginia

During Shabbat, our day of rest, terrible events took place in Charlottesville, VA. A "Unite the Right" protest organized by the alt-right turned bloody, violent, and ultimately deadly.

    Kate Bigam
    Hands holding a small and fragile globe against a white background

    As a Reform Jew, I never felt called to fast on Tishah B’Av - until this year. Here's what changed my mind.

    Rabbi Ilana Schachter
    American flag on a flagpole with the photo taken from below

    The advent of each new administration calls for the broad re-creation of our country every four to eight years. Such moments of re-creation offer an opportunity to learn from the biblical creation story itself.

    Rabbi Aaron Panken, Ph.D.
    Dictionary open to the definition of antisemitism with a small metal objected engraved with a Star of David holding down the page

    In a strong show of support for the Jewish community, all 100 U.S. Senators on signed a letter calling for “swift action” with regard to recent anti-Semitic threats.

    Shelby Friedman
    Wooden door painted with an American flag with a large lock on it

    We write to you on behalf of an Iranian asylum seeker by the name of Vashti. The circumstances under which she has become a “displaced person” are as follows.

    Rabbi David Wirtschafter
    Dripping spray paint heart on a concrete wall

    As I listen with horror to everything that's happening to Jewish community centers and day schools in North America, I'm reminded of the questions North American Jews ask when they hear about Reform synagogues being vandalized in Israel: Are you OK?

    Disembodied hand holding a sign that says DO JUSTICE LOVE MERCY MARCH PROUDLY

    After doing half an hour of work – during which time I received a few more calls to action through email, Facebook, and Twitter – I asked myself: Why don’t I think I’m the kind of person who would show up? Who is?

    Marissa Solomon
    Immigration ban protest signs

    Now is not the time to be discouraged. Instead, it is a moment to stand up for what we believe in. Take action today.

    Max Antman


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