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Similar to governmental leadership on this issue, the Jewish community in Canada has taken great strides in their response to this crisis.

Rachel Landman

For nearly half a century, Elie Wiesel has been an inspirational beacon of our people’s most precious values.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs

The many thousands of Syrian refugees seeking a safe haven on our shores are being twice victimized – first by the bloody civil war that caused them to flee their homeland, and a second time by the

Carol Ascher

Whether or not there will be another shooting just a few days from now is not even up for debate. Call it pessimism, cynicism, or fatalism, but the undeniable truth of the situation is not a question of "if" but of "when."

Rabbi David Wirtschafter

When it comes to the issue of Syrian refugees, we deserve better from our politicians.

Rabbi Fred Guttman

The Probst of the Lutheran Churches of Bad Segeberg, Dr. Daniel Havemann, has been incredibly gracious, kind, and welcoming to my wife and me during our visit to Germany.

Rabbi Stephen Lewish Fuchs

This is a prayer of solidarity and healing after Friday night’s terror attack in Paris.

Alden Solovy

As we prepare to end a sad and difficult week, our hearts break as our people are viciously attacked in communities throughout our beloved Jewish State.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs

The offices of the Israel Religious Action Center, where I work, are a stone-throw away from much of the violence in Israel that you have been read

Anat Hoffman

Helicopters are flying over Jerusalem again.

Alden Solovy


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