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d’var Torah

How did your parents meet?

Barbara Solomon Josselsohn
Rabbi Dan Moskovitz with worshippers

Learn from Rabbi Dan Moskovitz about his life’s journey and how his experiences are expressed in his High Holiday Day sermons and Ten Minutes of Torah commentaries.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Unfurled Torah lying on a blue fabric with a light red fireworks pattern

Each Monday, shares the gift of the guidance of eminent modern-day scholars and leading Jewish thinkers via Reform Voices of Torah.


Audrey Merwin
winding mountain road on a sunny day

A journey is not one singular event, but a compilation of experiences that constitutes parts of a whole. Each piece is its own adventure, contributing to the whole.

Maya H. Weinstein

The end is near. When we wake up on November 9th, it will be over. And what happens then? We get up and go to work.

Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner

Like Joseph’s brothers did to him, Germany once did unspeakable evil to the Jews.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
the Torah in a pink tie

In this week's Torah portion, R'eih, we read one of the most categorical words in the Bible: אפס efes, as in z

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs

My understanding of Torah commands me to distance myself from fanaticism of any stripe.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs

I'm in one of those places: stuck, prickly, at the very edge of letting go, trembling with the effort to not tip over the edge into the abyss of the unknown, desperate to take that final leap of fa

Stacey Zisook Robinson


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