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The author with Israeli poet Adi Keissar

Israeli poet Adi Keissar’s description of the world – the messed-up world – rings true in her own country and in the world at large.

Rabbi Reuven Greenvald
Selective focus with a colorful box of crayons in the foreground and a small child coloring in the background

As someone who is half-Filipino and half-Hispanic and grew up in a diverse Dallas, TX, neighborhood, I never gave much thought to the politics of skin color and how that affected me – at least not

Anjelica Ruiz
Jewish star from above made up of people, including some walking to or away from the shape

On the first day of religious school, I introduced myself to my class: “Hi, I’m Sasha Dominguez.” One of the students responded, “Dominguez? That’s not a Jewish last name.”

Sasha Dominguez
Safety pins

Being a “safe place” is bigger than what you do publicly or online. If you’ve never been a safe place, now is the perfect time to start.

Marra B. Gad

URJ Crane Lake Camp, a Reform Jewish summer camp in Stockbridge, MA, recently released this beautiful video about what it means to be a Reform Jew, both at summer camp and beyond. In sharing the video, Crane Lake posted, “We are all different and unique and yet so similar. Being Jewish isn’t about what you look like or where you come from. It’s about how it makes you feel.”

Kate Bigam
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