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Donald Trump

Two individuals holding a large banner sign that reads REFUGEES WELCOME

Saturday marked a year since this ban was introduced, the first in a series of three discriminatory travel bans targeting the rights of people from Muslim-majority countries to enter the U.S.

Elizabeth Leff
American flag on a flagpole with the photo taken from below

The advent of each new administration calls for the broad re-creation of our country every four to eight years. Such moments of re-creation offer an opportunity to learn from the biblical creation story itself.

Rabbi Aaron Panken, Ph.D.
Wooden door painted with an American flag with a large lock on it

We write to you on behalf of an Iranian asylum seeker by the name of Vashti. The circumstances under which she has become a “displaced person” are as follows.

Rabbi David Wirtschafter
President Donald Trump standing at a podium and speaking during his joint address to Congress

President Donald Trump’s speech to a joint meeting of Congress is getting rave reviews for the subdued, "presidential" style of his delivery, but what did he actually mean? Here are four takeaways from the speech and what it says about bias and the Jews.

Ron Kampeas (JTA)
Disembodied hand holding a sign that says DO JUSTICE LOVE MERCY MARCH PROUDLY

After doing half an hour of work – during which time I received a few more calls to action through email, Facebook, and Twitter – I asked myself: Why don’t I think I’m the kind of person who would show up? Who is?

Marissa Solomon
Immigration ban protest signs

Now is not the time to be discouraged. Instead, it is a moment to stand up for what we believe in. Take action today.

Max Antman
Closeup of an ornate white and gold Quran with blue prayer beads lying on top

A Jewish teacher in an Islamic school, I shared a message from the local Jewish community. “We stand side by side with our Muslim brothers and sisters."

David Stanley
Collage of headshots of the 10 Jewish men serving in the new Trump administration

Here is a look at the president's Jewish advisers who will be helping to shape U.S. policy for the next four years.

Josefin Dolsten (JTA)
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