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d'var Torah

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On Simchat Torah, as we read the final portion of the Torah and immediately beginning again, what can the blessings to the Israelites teach us about our world today?

Sofi Hersher
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Knowing when to let go is a most difficult decisions many of us will face as we age. If we hold on to people or things too long, we risk harm to them and to ourselves. 

Rabbi Jack Riemer
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Inspired by Shirat HaYam (Song of the Sea), which appears in this week’s Torah portion, Parashat B’shalach, Stacey Zisook Robinson wrote this poem about freedom.

Stacey Zisook Robinson
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It may be foolish for a young boy to interpret an ordinary experience as an encounter with God, but I cling to my belief that it was – and it changed my life.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
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Each Monday, shares the gift of the guidance of eminent modern-day scholars and leading Jewish thinkers via Reform Voices of Torah.


Audrey Merwin
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The story of Zelophechad’s daughters illustrates not only their triumph in changing the law, but also how Jewish tradition understands the need for Torah to change.

Rabbi Jeff Goldwasser
Joe Lichtenstein delivers d'var Torah at NFTY Convention

Between two massive thrusts of Jewish history, between Exodus and Sinai, stands a little old man named Jethro, who taught Moses to lead.

Joe Lichtenstein
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The author of this poem write it from Esau's perspective in this week's Torah portion.

Stacey Zisook Robinson

On Simchat Torah, may Torah’s holy message dance forth from our sanctuary and our hearts.

Rabbi Michael Adam Latz

It began as many new relationships do: I was curious but tentative. How would this new entity fit into my life? Did I really need it? Could I make room for it in my over-stuffed brain and on my increasingly crowded bookshelves? I received The Torah: A Women’s Commentary as a gift during my fourth year of rabbinical school at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.

Rabbi Stephanie Bernstein


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