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d'var Torah

View from inside a darkened cave with trees and light visible beyond it

Just imagine the 12 holidays of Pesach that RaShBi and his son spent in the cave, each year hoping that this would be the one in which the decree would be lifted and they could emerge

Rabbi Josh Weinberg
Woman holding a mug and looking out a large window during sunrise

In recent weeks, we have found ourselves on a journey for which we have felt totally unprepared. Like our ancestors, we lack maps and familiar signposts (though we do have Zoom!) to help us get oriented in our new reality.

Rabbi Nancy H. Wiener, DMin
Man in a red sweater facing away from the camera while holding the Torah above his head

We all have the right to study Torah, to interpret it, and to make ourselves heard in the never-ending Jewish conversation about what our treasured texts mean.

Rabbi Jason Bonder

How did your parents meet?

Barbara Solomon Josselsohn
Rainbow over a body of water

When we can’t be Moses or Esther or whomever we want to be like, it’s OK – it’s necessary, even – to be Noah. Being “good enough” may not have the same glamor as leading an entire people to the Promised Land, but do you know what being “good enough” accomplished? In Noah’s case, it meant being trusted by the Holy Blessed One to literally start the entire world from scratch.

Chris Harrison
Hiker standing at the top of a mountain facing a sunset

Eventually, I felt as if The Holy Blessed One had nudged me out of my rest, telling me that I’d stayed there long enough: that my destiny as a Jew awaited me.

Chris Harrison
Open hand reaching skyward into the sunshine

Written several years ago by Stacey Zisook Robinson, this poem speaks to this week’s Torah portion, Parashat Balak.

Stacey Zisook Robinson
Closeup of a hand holding a magnifying glass over a collage of many faces

Parashat B’midbar is an interesting Torah portion because it includes what some might consider one of the drier parts o

Chris Harrison
Woman holding Torah scroll open with left hand, pointing at text with yad in right hand

Becoming a bat mitzvah as an adult was one of the high points in my life; I felt proud to be Jewish in a way I had never previously experienced.

Debra Doppelt Karplus
A cupped pair of hands holding a small green plant in dirt

Learn Torah from NFTY-ite April Springer, winner of this year’s Blickstein D’var Torah Competition.

April Springer


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