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Economic Justice

People protesting at the US Capitol holding signs that says EVERYBODYS GOT A RIGHT TO LIVE

We cannot pretend that these enormous gains for the few are not creating massive suffering and dangerous resentment among the many. 

Rabbi Kenneth Chasen
Volunteers working behind the scenes in the HUC JIR soup kitchen

At the end of M’gillat Esther, the Jewish people celebrate their survival with merrymaking, feasting, and sending gifts to one another and to the poor.

Juliana Karol, Eliana Fischel, & Eric Abbott
Farm workers harvesting in the field

Recently, members of my temple demonstrated at a Wendy’s, urging the company to join the Fair Food Program to ensure living wages and safe conditions for farm workers.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Montage of fall folliage, leaves,pine cones, and small gourds

This original prayer is a reminder to all of us to rejoice in life's blessings and to share the bounty of God's gifts.

Alden Solovy

My adult children in both America and Israel have expressed concern over the outcome of the American elections. This letter is my contribution to their thinking.

Rabbi Stanley Ringler

Genesis teaches that every person is created in the Divine image. Knowing that, we are instructed to greet each person as if we were greeting God. Yet, too often, we don’t greet others at all; we look right past them.

Rabbi Stephen J. Einstein
Assortment of raw vegetables, including red and yellow pepper, lettuce, etc.

Two weeks ago, I hung out with President Bill Clinton and some of his staff members when he and his entourage made a campaign visit to Philadelphia. It was an incredible experience and a reminder that our political leaders are human – and as such, there’s much we can learn from them.

Alexa Broida

We enjoyed the music we heard and the good food we ate in New Orleans, but the real highlight was meeting our host, Calvin, and learning about his life and work. We returned home with more insight, more hope and more inspiration – and we are so glad we stayed at 1317 Feliciana Street.

Larry Glickman, FTA
Seder plate that includes all the traditional elements

With its focus on freedom, Passover is a perfect time to incorporate modern-day social justice issues into the retelling of our people’s journey from slavery to freedom. This round-up of holiday resources – including haggadot, themed inserts, an inclusion guide, and more – will help ensure a terrific and meaningful seder for everyone around your table.

Jane E. Herman
Close-up of two fair trade chocolate bars

The aroma of chocolate eggs (beitzah), chocolate covered matzah, green-colored chocolate (karpas) a solid chocolate seder plate, several chocolate nut clusters (charoset), and a 100% cacao bar (maror) wafted our friends into our home. Three of the five rabbis at the table had never been to a seder – a chocolate seder that is.

Rabbi Deborah R. Prinz


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