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Somber male doctor looking over his shoulder while wearing scrubs and a face mask

I run the Squirrel Hill Health Center, a nonprofit federally funded community health center in Pittsburgh. Many people have asked me what it feels like in the trenches. The answer? We feel very much alone.

Susan Friedberg Kalson
Sign on a business reading SORRY WERE CLOSED

We sent a letter to Congress urging them to immediately pass legislation to fully fund the government and end the partial shutdown. 

the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

The Ruderman Family Foundation recently released The Ruderman White Paper on Media Coverage of Law Enforcement Use of Force and Disability. As an authority on the topic of disabilities, the foundation issued this groundbreaking report to share its own perspective and help readers understand this complex issue.

Rabbi Edythe Held Mencher, L.C.S.W.

Our Jewish tradition is full of journeys, from the very beginning of our sacred texts.

Melanie Fineman

I have always loved musicals.

Melanie Fineman

When reflecting on his experience marching in Selma, Alabama with Dr.

Melanie Fineman

It is all too common for workers today to face heart-wrenching choices between their job and caring for themselves or an ill loved one. 

Rabbi Andrew Vogel

This year we are slaves. Next year, may we all be free.” (Haggadah, “Ha Lachma Anya”)

Charlie Arnowitz

No, if you really mend your ways and your actions, if you execute justice between one man and another; if you do not oppress the stranger, the orphan, and the widow, if you do not shed

Rabbi Marc Rosenstein
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