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Closeup of the 2020 tassel on a black graduation cap

For our students, the loss of their end-of-year plans and graduation festivities is indeed a very real loss – and we should recognize it as one. I’m reminded of a powerful anecdote in Martin Buber’s Tales of the Hasidim.

Rabbi David Wirtschafter
B'nei mitzvah students at Leo Baeck Education Center, Haifa

On a recent visit to Haifa’s Leo Baeck Education Center, I was reminded of the collaborative programs and relationships it has built and nurtured in this diverse city.

Marla Gamoran
Young woman carrying a Torah scroll through the congregation at camp

A new adult education curriculum helps us explore what it means to be a Reform Jew today – reassessing Judaism as a source of inspiration, guidance, resilience, and hope.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Mattan Berner-Kadish, Mechina alumnus

When I signed up, I had no idea about Mechina, a gap-year program in Israel. Sure, I’d asked questions, talked to others, and read up, but I had no idea about its magic.

Tamar Roig
Large VOTE sign hanging on a chain link fence with an arrow pointing toward polling place

When my term as youth group president ended, I was not ready to stop my social action and community building efforts, so I decided to run for the local board of education. 

Caleb Herbst
Four bullet holes close together in a pane of glass

I’m a teacher who has enjoyed shooting sports – but, no. I will never carry a weapon in a classroom.

David Stanley
Sharpened pencil sitting on a blank notebook surrounded by pencil shavings

For children, traditions and rituals are significant; they provide predictability, support, and familiarity, while bringing families together and creating unity and a sense of belonging.

Sarah Koffler
Front of a classroom with a large chalkboard and an empty teachers desk with a laptop and school supplies

I am a living, breathing example of what the ADA can do for public school students in need of services. If someone tries to tell you otherwise, share my story. It's not one in a million. It's one of millions.

Alexandra Gilbert

I often use the imagery of a bullseye when teaching young children the complicated concepts related to the High Holidays and Yom Kippur. Each day when we try to do our best, it’s like we’re aiming for the center of the bullseye. But sometimes we say something that hurts someone a friend’s feelings, or we do something unkind to a loved one. That’s when we land on an outer ring and miss the mark.

Emily Fox

What could be a more fitting commemoration of Hanukkah than promoting dialogue about the value of respecting the boundary between religious practice and public life?

Judith Richlin-Klonsky


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