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Summer is when we most often have a moment to examine the beauty of our natural surroundings. But remember when summers weren’t as hot?

Liya Rechtman

For many North American Jews, Passover marks the "official" start of spring. As the weather warms, many are taking the opportunity to walk instead of drive, breathe some (not totally frigid) fresh air, and explore the world around us. We are also celebrating the 45th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22

Liya Rechtman

We often talk at the seder about the Four Children: the Wise, the Wicked, the Simple, and the Silent children (or, as the last is often called, the Child Who Does Not Know How To Ask).

Liya Rechtman

Giving our children magical experiences in nature means addressing climate change.Giving our children magical experiences in nature means addressing climate change. Spiritual guidance can help us do that.

Dadla Ponizil

Doing the right thing paid off at the bottom line. How often can you say that about doing a mitzvah?

Rabbi David Freelund

Years ago, on a cold and sparkly winter afternoon, I sat with my younger sister in the living room, both of us savoring the long, dark pods of chewy bokser we had saved from our

Deborah Rood Goldman

Welcome to December and the Jewish month of Kislev!

Liya Rechtman

October 24th is Food Day, a nationwide celebration of the movement for sustainable, healthy, affordable food.

Liya Rechtman

Two days before the U.N. Climate Summit, demonstrators, including a large multi-faith contingent — will descend on New York City to demand urgent action on climate change.

Yosef I. Abramowitz

Fourteen years ago I was a coordinator for the national Million Mom March for sensible gun legislation.

Barbara Lerman-Golomb


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