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More than two years have passed since the Deepwater Horizon explosion and BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf Coast.  The incident led to the death of 11 workers, and additionally devastated the surr

Machon Kaplan

The RAC's carbon footprint summary, courtesy of the CoolClimate calcuator.

Susan Paykin

Yesterday, following weeks of fast-moving wildfires spreading across the state, Governor John Hickenlooper officially

Susan Paykin

It had been a normal day at the Clean Water Network—interns were glued to policy research on their computers, running errands in the Senate office bu

Machon Kaplan

In recent weeks, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency staff have likely become much more educated about how their rulemaking reflects the teachings of Torah.

With nearly a week left in the public comment period for the U.S.

A rabbi and a farmer meet in a coffee shop. Both are named Daniel.

On Thursday, RAC Legislative Director Barbara Weinstein joined leaders from six national organizations comprising the

How “green” has your synagogue gone? Here’s a checklist – what can you find and where can you improve?

Isaac Nuell

This week, the Senate is considering legislation that will affect if and how millions of Americans keep food on the table – the Farm Bill.


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