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Knitted rainbow kippah resting on a rainbow flag

I am queer.

J Collins
Small child holding an Israeli flag being carried on his father's shoulders

Two Reform rabbis consider the core values of classical Zionism in Israel’s Declaration of Independence and ask: Can Israel become both a Jewish and a democratic state? 

Rabbi Stanley M. Davids
The authors, Karen and Marc Rivo, at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Here are seven ways North American Jews can show support and love for Israel – even if they cannot vote in Israeli elections.

By Karen and Marc Rivo
Israeli checkpoint between Israel and the West Bank

In a forthcoming book, two rabbis address the aspirational ethical treatment of all the inhabitants of the land of Israel as detailed in its Declaration of Independence.

Rabbi John L. Rosove
Shiny, colorful decorations strung in a sukkah

One iconic, modern Hebrew song about Sukkot is far more than a simple holiday song for children.

Rabbi Reuven Greenvald
Interior of the Knesset, Israel's parliament

In a forthcoming book, Rabbi Eric Yoffie and Dr. Ruth Gavison parsed what is at the heart of Israel’s Declaration of Independence’s aspirations, vision, and principles.

Rabbi John L. Rosove
Graffiti in Israel that says I LOVE YOU

Critiquing Israel was not something I ever felt was appropriate for me to do, but there had to be more to the story than I knew. I needed to learn the facts about Israel.

Cantor Cheryl Wunch
Jerusalem and the surrounding hills at night

In 2018, the Knesset adopted the “Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People,” nearly ignoring one-fifth of the country’s citizens – Arab-Palestinians.

Rabbi Stanley M. Davids
Sci-Tech campers and staff showing support for the LGBTQIA+ community

At our Reform summer camp, we instill in campers the importance of kavod (respect), helping to create an environment in which everyone can be themselves – without fear.

Rabishaw and Sarah Millstein
Sunset profile of a child holding the hand of an adult and looking up toward them

Now that I’m a parent, teaching my children about racism, classism, and homophobia is as important to me as teaching them about their 5,000-year-old Jewish heritage. 

Rachel Hall


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