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Close up image of a colorful seder plate with ritual elements upon it

"You won’t smell soup cooking yet / or cake or kugel or tzimmes baking / on the day before Passover."

Bruce Black
Three members of the author's family singing a song from one of her plays at their seder

While others cook and clean for Passover, I write jokes for Moses, Miriam, Pharaoh, and God – so we can add a play to our family’s retelling of the Exodus from Egypt.

Karen Esther Rood
A bowl of charoset, a kiddush cup, and fresh flowers on the Passover seder table

Early on, I learned that not all Jewish observance looks the same. In our global society, Jewish rituals will continue to evolve, giving way to new traditions.

Cantor Lauren Phillips Fogelman
Father squatting to hold toddler in open grassy expanse with mountains in the background

Although my daughter is too young to grasp today’s migrant crisis or its ties to Jewish history, my wife and I will instill in her a kinship with oppressed peoples.

Robert Schurz
Child in a superhero costume with one fist raised against a blue sky background

The possibilities are only limited by imagination, and children’s imaginations are not limited.

Sheila Purdin
Scene from Shtisel, the Israeli television show

I escaped a winter blast outside to watch a few episodes of the Israeli television series, Shtisel, now available on Netflix.

Rabbi Sharon G. Forman
Man standing at the end of a pier during sunset

If you saw me in my nice suit driving my nice car on the way to my nice job, you might think, “That man is blessed.” At one level, you would be correct. At another level, not so much.

Richard Reiss
Glory Mayreis stands at a podium bearing the name NFTY Convention

In eighth grade, I finally came to terms with my LGBTQ identity. A year later, standing outside our synagogue on a Friday night, I came out to my twin brother.

Glory Mayreis
Selfie of the author with her grandmother

While helping my mom clean her home, I found a printout of an email from my late grandmother: It was a recipe for her favorite blintz casserole.

Kate Kaput
Man with his head in his hands against a dark background

Crying gets a bad rap.

Rabbi Erin Polansky


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