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Smiling girl looking on at a partially lit menorah

Instead of eight days of gifts, here are eight ways to celebrate Hanukkah with your kids that relate the story and celebration for your enjoyment and to help you refocus your approach:

Emily Aronoff Teck
Colorful wooden dreidels lying on a blue tablecloth with Hanukkah designs

Whether you're hosting a holiday party or simply want to turn on some Jewish tunes as you light the candles with your family, our Spotify playlists will do the trick.

Cantor Rosalie Boxt
Hands of a young child using scissors to cut a heart out of red paper

Many communities still need our help In that spirit, here are a couple of ideas you can do with your kids, also with what you probably already have at home.

    Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal
    Four red wooden lounge chairs facing the water on the beach

    During the summer, Shabbat can be an extra special time – and here are seven things you can do for rest, reflection, and fun.

    Jane E. Herman
    Little girl with curly brown hair holding matzah up close to her face as if to break it

    This year we'll travel to Grandma’s house in Florida, and I know that if I don’t have a few tricks up my sleeve, my boys will be glued to a screen 24/7. If you’re in the same position, here are a few tips for keeping kids busy.

    Deborah Goldberg
    Half of a womans face as she stands beneath a chalkboard with question marks written behind her

    Our seders should be about connecting, conversing, and asking all kinds of questions. Here are a few ways to try this out at your own seder!

    Rabbi Leora Kaye
    Hanukkah lights in the window

    Though our kids have a long list of things they want for Hanukkah, we try to navigate the week-long celebration, balancing gifts, donations, and experiences.

    Rabbi Victor S. Appell
    Hanukkah menorah with eight candles and the shamash all burning

    Our days are filled with work and carpools and groceries and laundry, homework and meals and bills. But during Hanukkah, the light is different.

    Stacey Zisook Robinson

    In today’s world that doesn’t feel quite festive, can I get myself into a celebratory mood for Hanukkah?

    Deborah Rood Goldman
    Haukkiah made from Legos

    I consider myself a dedicated yet anxious Jewish mom. I’m dedicated because I would like my children to have a Jewish upbringing that connects them to our collective stories, history, and values – and I’m anxious because I’m never quite sure whether I’m accomplishing that goal.

    Deborah Goldberg


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