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Collage of some of the recipes featured in this roundup

Whether you observe seven or eight days of Passover and its dietary restrictions, get ready to indulge in chametz (leavened foods) as it ends.

Deborah Rood Goldman
Brightly colored map of Israel with cities labeled

Living in Israel demands that I ask myself four new and difficult questions this Passover.

Chelsea Feuchs
Matzah brei with green onion garnish on a plate

As Reform Jews, it is incumbent upon us as individuals to determine which Passover practices are personally meaningful and to incorporate them into our celebration.

Jane E. Herman
Overflowing bucket of popcorn against a red background

Jews, our rabbi insisted, have a duty to resist this mistaken and harmful tradition by making it a point to eat kitniyot on Passover.

Juliette Hirt
Close up of a slice of potato kugel on a white plate

My recipe for a delicious potato kugel is a delicious, unique way to introduce your guests to the sacred Passover meal.

Deborah Fishman Shelby
Close up image of a colorful seder plate with ritual elements upon it

"You won’t smell soup cooking yet / or cake or kugel or tzimmes baking / on the day before Passover."

Bruce Black
Flatlay of green fruits and vegetables atop a green background

This Passover, celebrate the cycle of time and nature with an approach to food that protects our environment, prioritizes good health, and lines up with Reform Jewish values. 

Deborah Rood Goldman
Selfie of the author with her grandmother

While helping my mom clean her home, I found a printout of an email from my late grandmother: It was a recipe for her favorite blintz casserole.

Kate Kaput
Cheese burekas on a white plate with a blue tablecloth underneath

Always on the lookout for new dishes to prepare, I’ve decided to try three (and perhaps more) Jewish recipes in the New Year.

Cantor Deborrah Cannizzaro
People gathered around dinner tables together while a band plays

There is something very Jewish about the way I use cookbooks, and the way I use Jewish cookbooks, in particular.

Deborah Fishman Shelby


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