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A tray of fancy soufganiyot in Israel

In Israel, everyone seemingly is in a good mood during Hanukkah. Of course, it’s impossible to be in a bad mood while eating sufganiyot (jelly donuts). 

Cantor Evan Kent
View of the ocean from the deck of a cruise ship

Last year, our family took a cruise during Hanukkah. The nightly candle lighting brought together so many people and different kinds of “Jewish” into one community.

Rabbi Lynne Downey Goldsmith
Snow covered road surrounded by trees -- and white lights in the foreground

Last year, my pre-school-aged daughter was acutely aware that her friends and their families would be celebrating Christmas and that she wasn’t going to be a part of it.

Dr. Emily Teck
Young man kindling candles in a hanukkiyah

Our tradition tells of the great leader, Judah Maccabee. But what of his brothers? What do we know about them – the quiet leaders who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with him?

Rabbi Melissa Buyer-Witman
A child and an adult watching the Hanukkah lights

BimBam’s animated videos spark connections to Judaism with compelling and engaging digital storytelling for kids, parents, and educators. Check out the Hanukkah videos.

Stephanie Fink
The author in Israel

Accompanying student groups to the Kotel repeatedly reminds me that Israel is a place like none other. On my most recent trip, I got another reminder of that fact. 

Casey Wright
Blurry Christmas tree in the lobby of a building like a workplace or hotel

Sustaining a minority culture in the face of Christmas’s incessant commercial drumbeat can be exhausting.

Juliette Hirt
Pride flag with white Star of David in the center

Congregation Kol Ami in West Hollywood, CA, is dedicated to raising the voices of queer folks so the rest of the Jewish community cannot help but hear our cry.

Rabbi Max Chaiken
A toddler's hand holding a dreidel in the foreground; hanukkiyah and gifts in the background (blurred)

It's a conversation I had had hundreds of times in my 44 years as a Jewish educator. However, this time was different: It was with my son.

Robin Eisenberg, RJE
Screencap from Six13 video of its members faces illuminated against a black background

A cappella music-makers Six13 are back with their new Hanukkah parody song, a very Jewish riff on Queen's iconic "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Kate Kaput


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