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Health Care

Rev William J Barber II speaks to Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner and Rabbi Rick Jacobs in front of a Union for Reform Judaism banner

Racism is a form of idolatry, of self-worship that is immoral and is fundamentally against humanity and democracy. What we do in the Poor People's Campaign is to help people make the connection between interlocking injustices that threaten everybody’s security.

Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner
Closeup of US Capitol building

Led by the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, the Reform Jewish community is working with partner organizations across a broad range of issues to urge Congress to pass robust legislation to protect vulnerable individuals and communities.

Allison Grossman
Protesters marching; one carrying a sign that says women's rights are human rights

Our endeavors in support of Reproductive Justice and its leaders will help build a world in which all people can shape their sexual and reproductive lives with dignity.

Ally Karpel
Protesters rallying for health care for all

The U.S., by denying visas to immigrants who don’t have approved health insurance or the ability to pay for it, may exclude as many as two-thirds of future immigrants.

Danny Cooper
White puzzle with one piece missing

I was 20 when I learned that my first love had committed suicide. His death shattered me, both mentally and emotionally – but it also saved my life. You see, in the months leading up to his suicide, I had been planning my own.

Kate Kaput
Hand holding up a sign that represents multiple genders

My daughter was born with gender dysphoria, meaning her biological sex does not match her gender identity. 

Alisa Gold
Palestinian mother and child

Project Rozana trains Palestinian health professionals in Israeli hospitals to enhance their capacity to deliver needed health care in the Palestinian territories.

Mark S. Anshan
Hand holding a yellow suicide awareness and prevention ribbon against a wooden table background

In April 2015, when I was 15 years old, I learned that my grandfather had taken his own life after fighting with anxiety and depression for many years.

Leora Greene
The author and her husband at a breast cancer event

I believe all people are chosen to make a difference in this world, and in that spirit, I am sharing my story as it relates to breast cancer.

Sheri Denkensohn-Trott
Person washing hands at a hospital/surgical sink

On a recent visit to Israel, I witnessed extraordinary acts of human kindness at a hospital near the Syrian border.

Rabbi Robert Orkand


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