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Open dictionary with a pair of reading glasses sitting atop the left hand page

“Ben Yehuda” is more than the popular central street in Jerusalem. It honors Eliezer Ben Yehuda, the man who, nearly single-handedly revived the Hebrew language.

Chelsea Feuchs
Random assortment of plastic Hebrew letter magnets

These days, I mostly use Hebrew to teach bar and bat mitzvah students, but seeking to enhance my Hebrew IQ, I’ve started streaming Israeli music and television shows.

Rabbi Sharon G. Forman
Three people, each holding a different sign in front of their face: one depicting Islam (crescent and star), one Christianity (cross), and one Judaism (Star of David)

Something special is going on in this class: Youth and middle age. Muslim, Christian, and Jew. Arab and Israeli. Secular and religious.

Alden Solovy
The backs of two teen boys facing away from the camera with their arms around one another as in friendship

The madrichim are authority figures, to be sure, but their task pales in comparison to the army. It’s a huge cultural shift

Rabbi David Cohen
Front of a classroom with a large chalkboard and an empty teachers desk with a laptop and school supplies

I am a living, breathing example of what the ADA can do for public school students in need of services. If someone tries to tell you otherwise, share my story. It's not one in a million. It's one of millions.

Alexandra Gilbert

The only thing I needed to see with my own eyes was the infamous sign over the main gate that reads ARBEIT MACHT FREI, “Work makes you free.”

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Zion Gate sign in English, Arabic, and Hebrew

Recently I took the train down to Tel Aviv to attend a conference on the place of the Arabic language in Israeli culture and society. The topics of the lectures sounded interesting, addressing a number of questions that I had been thinking about for years, living here in the Galilee where 50% of the population are Palestinian Arabs.

Rabbi Marc Rosenstein

As I entered the third grade in secular school, I simultaneously enrolled in Hebrew school at Congregation Shalom, a Reform Jewish synagogue in Milwaukee, WI.

Andrew Keene

Twenty-five years ago, when I was the single mother of two little boys, we had one of those moments that turns into family legend.

Rabbi Ruth Adar

Me’ah is a simple Hebrew word meaning “one hundred.” It’s also the name of a program at Hebrew College, an intensive Jewish educational expe

Margie Bogdanow


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