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High Holidays

Black and white photo of Mr. Rogers putting on his jacket before leaving the set of his show. Included in the photo are lyrics to the song, "Won't You Be My Neighbor"

If you attended worship services at a Reform congregation anywhere in North America during the last month or so, chances are good you heard a sermon about Mister Rogers.

Rabbi Audrey R. Korotkin, Ph.D.
Hands holding up a globe

Each year, the voice that speaks to my soul about the contrast between the inward focus of Yom Kippur and the outward thrust of Sukkot grows louder and louder.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Two birds soaring in a bright blue sky with clouds and sunshine in the background

It’s wonderful and deep that on Yom Kippur, the section of the Torah read in many Reform congregations commands us to choose life. How, exactly, does one choose life?

Rabbi David Seidenberg
Overhead shot of a person sitting cross-legged on the floor holding a bowl of granola, seeds, and fruit

Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the Jewish year, but for those of us who struggle with eating disorders or disordered eating, it can be one of the most challenging.

Julia Tortorello-Allen
Woman in silhouette, looking sorrowful

Just as Hannah's sorrow revolutionized prayer, it takes only one person to expand our view of what is possible, to give us permission to express our truest selves.

Sue Jaye Johnson
A mid-air figure in shadow with orange/yellow sunset, clouds, and water in the background

The central theme of the High Holiday season is t’shuvah (turn, response), an expression of hope that the way we are today need not be who we remain tomorrow.

Rabbi John L. Rosove
View of the Old City and the hills of Jerusalem at sunset

During the Days of Awe, we engage in a full accounting of our souls and our actions. Perhaps this process should be applied to our relationship with Israel as well.

Chelsea Feuchs
A smooth grey rock in sand surrounded by a swirl pattern in the sand

The Days of Awe offer us opportunities to consider how we spend our days and what brings us joy. This work is precisely what we need to be doing at this season.

Rabbi Ilana Schachter

Recently, I dusted off my shofar and have been brushing up on my shofar-blowing skills to prepare for the upcoming High Holidays. 

Howard Lev
A line of young people all reading from their cell phones

I wondered recently about the patriarch Abraham’s Facebook page. Would he have posted selfies with Isaac? What would his page say about him? What do ours say about us?

Cantor Aviva Marer


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