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High Holidays

Yellow, diamond-shaped traffic sign that says OOPS!

The High Holidays remind us of our natural state of human imperfection. Let's remember, though, we are striving to be better, not perfect, in this New Year,

Rabbi Sharon G. Forman
Empty plate with fork and knife

From those who always fast to those who have considered not doing so – or who have taken a year or two off for health reasons – here are a few personal perspectives about fasting on the holiest day of the Jewish year.

Deborah Rood Goldman
Boy holding paper sign in front of his face that says Sorry.

Although we learn to say “I’m sorry” as young children, as we age, these words take on more meaning, perhaps reflecting true regret about our behavior or its impact. 

Betsy Stone, Ph.D.
Worshippers doing a hora style dance around the sanctuary

Given that Yom Kippur is the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, it makes sense that it can, and should, be joyful.

Chris Harrison
The author (holding guitar) and his husband (with shofar) at High Holiday services in Milan

Although my husband, Don, and I have lived in Jerusalem for six years, I can’t tell you much about the High Holidays in Israel because we’ve been spending them in Milan.

Cantor Evan Kent
Black and white photo of Leonard Cohen

After his father died, 9-year-old Leonard Cohen folded a message into one of his father’s bowties and buried it. All his work, Cohen later said, grew out of that act.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
The author and another person preparing salmon to serve to guests

Whether hosting a holiday meal causes stress or you revel in creating warmth and hospitality around Jewish traditions. here are some tips to host a fantastic gathering.

Deborah Fishman Shelby
Female hands dressed in orange holding onto prison bars

Recuperating from a broken ankle this summer, I had time to catch up on my binge streaming. One of my current favorites is the popular Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, which began streaming its seventh and final season on July 26.

Audrey Merwin
Row of pomegranates sliced open

Elul, the Hebrew month that precedes the High Holidays, is traditionally a time of

Kate Bigam Kaput
Rosh HaShanah table scene with shofar and pomegranate

The “Days of Awe” is a good name for the High Holiday season because when we are in awe of something, that's a good thing, but I like “Awesome Days” so much better.

Rebecca Bernstein McVeigh


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