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For many in the United States, the Fourth of July holiday brings to mind joyous times of gathering with friends and family, enjoying barbeques, fireworks, freedom (from work), and of course, sales.

Audrey Merwin

Seven candles are lit on the candle table on the bimah at our congregation on Yom HaShoah, the day of Holocaust Remembrance fo

Rabbi Larry Karol

The sight of neo-Nazis parading through Lithuania’s capital city in an unsanctioned march sent chills down the spines of many people both inside and outside this small Eastern European country – and rightfully so. Public expression of hatred in a land with a horrific Holocaust history is cause for alarm.

Ellen Cassedy

Yom HaShoah is a day filled with paradoxes.

Rabbi Jeff Brown

My ideal is Judaism in the fullest historical sense…Will our school provide Judaism or not? The question of the revival of the language is not the main issue, but the question of Judaism.

Rabbi Marc Rosenstein

The city is rapidly growing. There are high rise (well, high rise for Jerusalem) apartment buildings going up all over the city.

Rabbi Jackie Mates-Muchin

If the idea of Israel as imagined by American Jews sometimes seems like a fantasy that could not ever exist in reality, there is a reason for it.

Rabbi Jeff Goldwasser

New Year's Eve lost some of its festivity for me after reading the New York Times

Rabbi Robert N. Levine

I’ve come to the conclusion we need to change the date of Simchat Torah.

Rabbi Donald Kunstadt

Next month may mark the 40th anniversary of women in the American rabbinate, but another historic event is taking p

Kate Bigam


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