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Following an impressive festival run, Son of Saul is set to open in a limited theatrical release in the United States on December 18.

Wes Hopper

The many thousands of Syrian refugees seeking a safe haven on our shores are being twice victimized – first by the bloody civil war that caused them to flee their homeland, and a second time by the

Carol Ascher

Like Joseph’s brothers did to him, Germany once did unspeakable evil to the Jews.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Rabbi Stephen Fuchs with Pastorin Ulrike Wohlfahrt

Of course, Jews will never see Jesus as God or as an object of worship as Christians do. But when Jesus is the inspiration to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, and do the things I see so many churches in Germany do today in his name, then I look at him very positively.  

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs

In the six years that Alain Rogier has devoted himself to painting after a career in law, his large-scale abstract canvasses have been exhibited internation

Aron Hirt-Manheimer

This evening, the Smithsonian Channel will premiere “The Day Hitler Died,” a riveting documentary based on recently discovered taped interviews of members of Adolf Hitler’s inner circle trapped ins

Aron Hirt-Manheimer

Is this the place? Is this where they took you, my precious father, on that horrible night?

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Rabbi Marla J. Feldman

Editor's note: This post contains plot spoilers.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer

It began on July 23, 1938, almost a year before the outbreak of World War II in Europe, when David and Liza Kurtz of Brooklyn boarded the Nieuw Amsterdam on a vacation journey with friends

Rabbi Israel Zoberman


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