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Blurry image of a teenage boy with his hand at a metal fence

If we are to heed the call of freedom that Passover offers us, we must not close our eyes to the degradation currently taking place right outside our door.

Dr. Julia Paley
Activists holding a large sign that reads REFUGEES WELCOME

Learn about one rabbi’s experiences in refugee camps and how they led to his book, Refugees in America: Stories of Courage Resilience and Hope in Their Own Words.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
The author, Rabbi Josh Stanton, waiting at ICE, to post bond

A Reform rabbi shares his experiences posting bond – in a structure that systematically abuses those without power – to get immigrants out of jail through legal means.

Rabbi Joshua Stanton
Wooden gavel placed atop law books on a desk

I’m an attorney who a year ago knew nothing about immigration law. I’m still far from an expert, and I speak only English. But that hasn’t stopped me from volunteering on immigrant justice cases, hoping with intakes and other interviews using my “legal framed” mind. 

Mark Buchbinder
The author's father, with bowling ball, and his bowling team in Harrisburg, PA

My father became a birthright citizen quite by accident, and without it, I wouldn’t be here. I don’t mean I wouldn’t be in the U.S.; I probably wouldn’t exist at all.

Rosanne Ullman
Emma's Torch employees

Kerry Brodie runs Emma’s Torch, a non-profit social enterprise with paid culinary training and job placement for refugees, asylum seekers, and human trafficking victims.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Group of people sitting at a table inside a sukkah

Congregations from coast to coast welcomed immigrants, asylum-seekers, and refugees to be guests in their sukkot and to share their stories. Here are a few reports from congregations that held these moving events.

Arno Rosenfeld
Protesters rallying for health care for all

The U.S., by denying visas to immigrants who don’t have approved health insurance or the ability to pay for it, may exclude as many as two-thirds of future immigrants.

Danny Cooper
Person holding a sign that reads REFORM JEWS WELCOME IMMIGRANTS

Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, presented this sermon on Rosh HaShanah morning, saying, "We need to face something so odious that we will try to avert our eyes. But we must not."

Rabbi Rick Jacobs


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