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Interfaith Family

What is my Israel story? Let’s start with this: I am a Roman Catholic who lives in a Jewish family. What you are about to read are observations from that perspective.

Karen Klobucher

When we travel or eat out, many of us are gastronomic adventurers. We crave new tastes and textures. We literally get tastes of cultures. Some of us even break the rules.

Dr. Ruth Nemzoff

The holidays are over, and with the start of the secular new year, I am no longer holding my breath and bracing myself for another round of “Merry Christmas!” After releasing an overdue post-holida

Meg Weidner

I’m pretty sure my family coined the term Christmukkah.

Logan Zinman

Thanksgivukkah, the amazing confluence of

Dr. Ruth Nemzoff

I place an unquantifiable value on the Jewish education I received growing up.

Allyson Zacharoff

As Jews, we are often pointedly aware of our minority status in the larger fabric of society.

John Propper

The title of a recent JTA article asks these two questions:


For parents of different faiths, December often brings holiday challenges. For divorced parents with joint custody, these challenges can be amplified.

Annette Powers

I never thought I would contemplate - or ever utter - these words: We're having a Christmas tree in our house this year, and I think it's the right decision.

Joy Weinberg


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