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Interfaith Family

Christmas or Hanukkah?  The answer is really pretty easy. Christmas wins. Hands down. The music is prettier.

Rabbi Zachary Shapiro

My husband and I have six children.

Shelly Cyprus
Fountain at the Bahai Gardens in Haifa

When my husband and I decided to get married, we knew that one of our main challenges would be raising children in a Jewish and Bahá'í home with Jewish and Christian grandparents.

Amy Behrens

When my Dad, Ken Harris, was dying two years ago, we were fortunate he had enough time and inclination to plan his own funeral.

Jeannette Gross

I was scared to death! Coming from a violent marriage with a young son, Alex, who I was trying to protect and educate Jewishly.

Suzi Neft

Like many couples, my Jewish wife and I got married without much discussion about religion. It was the birth of our daughter that raised the question. My wife asked if we could raise her Jewish.

Robert Ingrum


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