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Dome of a mosque with crescent symbol atop the roof; stars in the sky

Millions of Uyghur Muslims have been arrested or detained in China because of their religion and they are under constant watch.

Aaron Torop and Zoe Terner
Pointed roofs of a church and a synagogue with a cross atop one and a Star of David atop the other

Attacks on people of faith are animated by white supremacy and white nationalism, which are on the rise. Dismantling this system of hate “requires deep partnership across all communities affected.”

Aaron Torop
Map of Iran on an old-fashioned globe

Several months after the Iran hostage crisis began in 1979, I participated with other clergy in a humanitarian mission to visit the captives. 

Rabbi Hirshel Jaffe
Passengers aboard the ill-fated MS St. Louis

The recent surge in xenophobic policies and anti-immigrant sentiment in the U.S. raises alarm because we Jews remember what it’s like to be unwelcome on America’s shores.

Ally Karpel and Talia Kaplan
A man in a kippah walks by a wall of photos of people who disappeared during Guatemalas internal armed conflict
Rabbi Philip “Flip” Rice from Nashville Tennessee walks by a memorial wall for those “disappeared” during Guatemala’s internal armed conflict.

It’s time we stop treating refugees like criminals and come to love our neighbors – in Guatemala and beyond – as ourselves.

David Wirtschafter
Shadows of a four person family cast upon a cement wall

Jewish communities across North America will come together for National Refugee Shabbat on October 19-20, 2018, the week we read Parashat Lech L'cha

Talia Kaplan
A mans hand clutching at a barbed wire fence against a blue sky

As I watch human tragedies unfold on the U.S.-Mexican border and elsewhere, nothing is helping me more right now than a conversation I had on my radio show On Being with literary historian and author Lyndsey Stonebridge.

Krista Tippett
Asylum-seeking woman preparing coffee for a coffee ceremony

Visiting Kuchinate, I experienced overwhelming kindness from the women, Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers who had escaped horrible torture and persecution in Africa.

Rabbi Reuven Greenvald
Person washing hands at a hospital/surgical sink

On a recent visit to Israel, I witnessed extraordinary acts of human kindness at a hospital near the Syrian border.

Rabbi Robert Orkand
The author working at a childcare center in Israel

These days, I spend my time working with a group of people who have tasted the bitterness of slavery, torture, and hardship, and who long for freedom, the African asylum-seeking community in Israel.

Julie Fisher


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