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U.S. flag on the left that blends into Israeli flag on the right

Young American Jewish Zionists have something to say to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – and we’re doing our best to make sure our voices are heard.

Sam Rubin
Reform Jewish women pose together in from of an ark while in Israel together during Rosh Chodesh

We read in Pirkei Avot, “Be among the disciples of Aaron – seek peace and pursue it.” One of our highest aspirations as Jews is to establish peace within our homes, within our communities, and in o

Rabbi Dr. Linda Henry Goodman
Israeli flags

Against the Jewish voices preaching ethnocentrism, chauvinism, and racism, we are the voice of Judaism that is committed to religious pluralism and gender equality.

Anat Hoffman
Hand placing ballot in ballot box with Israeli flag in the background

It’s election season in Israel, a country whose vibrant democracy is different than that found in either the U.S. or Canada. Let’s explore some of these differences.

Jo-Ann Mort
LGBTQ rally in Israel

A classmate recently snapped a photo of a billboard promoting Israel’s right-wing Yachad party that read: “So there won’t be a child with a father and a father!”

Chelsea Feuchs
Scene from Shtisel, the Israeli television show

I escaped a winter blast outside to watch a few episodes of the Israeli television series, Shtisel, now available on Netflix.

Rabbi Sharon G. Forman
Legs, feet, and bicycles of riders in a cycling race

As a teen in 1966, I was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter (O-S) disease, a ligament inflammation characterized by a painful bump below the knee that worsens with activity.

Jared Goldin
Benjamin Netanyahu head and shoulders shot

Oslo Diaries, a valuable perspective on a missed opportunity for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, reminds us there were sincere peace proponents on both sides.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
View down the aisle of an airplane filled with travelers

Recently, a Haredi’s hard hat box fell on my head. The metaphor was stark: female rabbinical student bashed by a symbol of religious hegemony she’s long rejected.

Chelsea Feuchs
Women in Israeli military with arm on shoulder of URJ Heller High student

I love the sounds of Jerusalem. The voices, noises, and music all tell stories that are unparalleled in the Jewish world – and perhaps in the world at large.

Rabbi Loren Sykes


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