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Line of six hikers on a trail walking away from the camera

A millennial asks: Do you think ongoing adult education on Israel differs from the education for the young adult community? Learn one rabbi’s response to this question.

Rabbi Eric Yoffie
Flat black stones placed on the sand to form an open heart

In 2016, I arrived at a Reform Jewish summer camp, knowing nothing about Reform Judaism. I returned to Israel transformed by my experience, eager to continue my journey.

Ella Steiner
Israeli flag on flagpole in desert, populated by visitors

The world’s two largest Jewish communities – Israel and North America – do not understand each other. In fact, there’s a challenging and fruitful gulf between them.

Rabbi Josh Weinberg
Framed artwork that includes Arabic writing on a background of blue, black, and green

This new year, I’m studying Arabic to be able to converse with Palestinians in Israel and the West Bank, augmenting my lifelong caring relationship with Israel.

Rabbi Reuven Greenvald
Sukkah on balcony of Jerusalem apartment building

Jerusalem is home to a unique type of sukkah: precarious and cantilevered, they hang off the sides of buildings – and between the two Jerusalems, one above, one below. 

Cantor Evan Kent
Two gold wedding band lying atop the spine of an open book with a heart shaped shadowed on the pages beneath them

After the ceremony,  Israeli after Israeli came to me to say, "So this is what Progressive Judaism looks like? How do I learn more?"

Rabbi Joel Mosbacher
Arm reaching up to put note in the Kotel (Western Wall)

On Yom Kippur, Isaiah’s powerful prophetic metaphors call us to reflect upon the moral and spiritual shortcomings that stand in the way of the Jewish people’s progress.

Rabbi Reuven Greenvald
Battered blue mailbox against green pine trees

These excerpts of letters between and old friend and me offer a glimpse into the heart of a searching young Jew. 

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Three people, each holding a different sign in front of their face: one depicting Islam (crescent and star), one Christianity (cross), and one Judaism (Star of David)

Something special is going on in this class: Youth and middle age. Muslim, Christian, and Jew. Arab and Israeli. Secular and religious.

Alden Solovy
White cloth chuppah with Jewish star in the background

Thousands of Israelis marry in pluralistic ceremonies that are unrecognized by the State of Israel. These couples remain legally single in the eyes of Israeli authorities.

Yonatan Melamed


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